What Our Clients Say

"We can't thank you enough for the exceptional work you have done as our designer and contractor. After hearing horror stories from friends, we feel so fortunate to have had such a positive experience with you. During the design phase, you were willing to make as many drafts necessary in order to accommodate our needs. During the construction phase, you made sure every aspect of our home met the highest standards using quality materials and outstanding workmanship. Also, our home was completed in a timely manner without failing any inspections. We especially appreciate your patient nature and the fact that you listened to our every need and made sure we were pleased with the end result".

Arto & Fimi Haddadian


"I have known Diko since 1998 as a client. Diko is a person of integrity and high moral standards. I have always found Diko to be trustworthy and reliable. Based on our professional relationship with him, my wife and I retained Diko to handle the renovation of our house in Encino. As it turned out, based on Diko's recommendation and after consulting with our architect and engineer, the scope of work expanded substantially beyond our original plans (surprise!). We have in essence built a new home. Diko has always been efficient in scheduling his work and in dealing with the various permitting authorities. Working with Diko made our recent project a fun experience. We always felt Diko and his team took a personal interest in the success of our project. Diko's experience both in construction details and design, improved the end result. Most importantly, Diko provided those elements that mark success of any project. He always did what he said he would do, he produced quality work, he was on schedule and he was on budget! We are extremely satisfied with the result. I am pleased to recommend Kassabian General Contractors to handle your project.".

Shirin and Sia Garestani


"Working with Diko has been a pleasure and the outcome very rewarding. Diko takes pride in his work. He has been very responsive and available whenever I needed his input or presence. His relaxed and positive personality has transpired his crew and helped us enjoy our building project more. For a custom home project his dual expertise as a contractor as well as a designer has been extremely beneficial. I would often wonder about and have an idea Diko would right away give me his input as to how it could be designed from an architectural point of view as well as warn me of any limitations from the contractors point of view. Thus, within minutes I would have a choice to make my idea become real".

Lena Alexander


"It is with much pleasure that Connie and I write a brief note to thank you for job well done and one that continues to bring enjoyment each and every day. From the projects start, you listened to our wants and needs and developed a Master Bedroom Suite that still today is a dream come true. Almost a third of our home was torn down in the demolition and then the real fun began. You were there as promised to provide supervision and direction to all of the various subcontractors and ensure that the scope of work and the perfection that my wife required was met along the way. Every day when look around our bedroom we realize how lucky we are to have had a Designer builder who created a Dream Master Suite and we get to live that dream Thank you again for a job well done".

Connie and Mal Weisberg


"We are delighted that Diko designed and built our house. He is an accomplished designer and trustful contractor. His experience and hands-on approach in the two areas resulted in a seamless execution of our project. Diko designed an elegant exterior for the house and a very well thought flowing interior. Throughout the design stage, Diko offered several innovative solutions to every concern we had. His honest and candid advise was absolutely invaluable and helped us avoid many design pitfalls. During the actual construction, Diko had a definite hands-on approach to every stage of the process. His choice of quality and experienced subcontractors was what every homeowner hopes for. I was impressed that throughout the project work was properly done, done on time, well organized and most importantly well supervised by Diko. There are many details that one will remember and forget about building a house. What I will remember most though, is that we dealt with a person whose handshake was as valuable as a contract. I will remember Diko's integrity, honesty and dedication. Our experience. with Diko was a wonderful one and we will not hesitate to recommend him to anybody who wishes to build a house. We wish him continued and well earned success".

George and Rula Hajjar